The Process

Many companies lack the internal resources to produce a high quality video in-house, but don’t wish to spend the tens of thousands of dollars required for a full-scale commercial style video shoot. Spool keeps budgets reasonable through lean production techniques, while maintaining high production values with modern digital videography.

When filming, Spool applies the art and techniques of classic cinematography to your production. Professional motion picture techniques are used to for lighting, camera movement, and lens choice that enhance the mood and aid in telling your story. Scene composition that reflects a film style is used, and final videos are presented in a widescreen format. All Spool projects are shot in beautiful digital high-definition (HD) and given a musical score to help complete the experience. Cinematic means more than just looking “film like” though—to Spool it means all of these factors blend to create a video that draws viewers in, tells a story, holds their attention, and affects them on an emotional level.

Spool will work with you through every step of the production process to guarantee that your video looks, feels, and sounds the way you envisioned it. If you’re ready to deliver the next level in customer involvement with your brand over the Internet, but need help planning, filming, editing, or encoding, then contact Spool to produce your next cinematic video for the web.