Why Video?

Online video is rapidly becoming an expected part of a good website by audiences. YouTube has become ubiquitous, and now downloadable video has gone mobile with iTunes and cell phones. Adding video to your website satisfies the public’s desire for information in an entertaining package, while educating them about what makes your business unique. It’s smart marketing. Web video is a unique medium, and allows us to communicate with our market in ways that weren’t possible or cost effective before.

Traditionally, the only form of media that makes such a powerful impression has been television; that’s why it’s the tool of choice for Fortune 500 companies and politicians alike. The caveat is that your commercial is gone from viewer’s minds in 30 seconds, and you need to pay hundreds of dollars for it to be seen again. For an ad campaign to be effective—one that would actually bring more customers to you—requires expenditure in the thousands. With video on your website, visitors can watch it whenever they want, as many times as they want, and it never costs you a dime.

Video is an engaging tool that grabs attention and adds depth to a site. Visitors are drawn to motion, moved by music, and captivated by interesting content. With it, you can demonstrate products and service features, show complex tasks that aren’t easily describable in text, and even education your customers—or employees! Spool can also help you produce a video podcast for blogs, or a viral video campaign.

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