October 14, 2008

GCI: Client Video

This was a corporate video produced for GCI, Alaska's largest telecommunications provider. It was co-sponsored by Comverse, makers of the Kenan software used by GCI to operate their customer call center. It revolves around the testimonial of GCI's Vice President of IT, Jim Dunlap. I edited a variety of client-supplied footage to tell the story of why GCI chose the software and how they use it.

This is only an excerpt from the beginning of the video. This shortened version was used by Jim to introduce himself at the international Comverse User Forum (held June, 2008) in Porto, Portugal. Afterwards, he had this to say:
"The presentation was well received by the audience and was the subject of discussion several days afterward."
To see the video in its entirety, visit the Comverse website and click the "Video Testimonial" link at the bottom of the page.

Edited by Brian Schatz, of Spool Video
Written and Directed by Isaac Szymanczyk, of Laughing Giant Media
Soundtrack by Tracy Kim

This is Alaska from Brian Schatz on Vimeo.