January 6, 2009

American Marketing Association

This is a promotional video for the Oregon chapter of the AMA, or American Marketing Association. One of their goals for 2009 is to promote volunteerism among members of the association, giving back to the local community by donating their marketing skills and knowledge to non-profit groups.

Managers at the Portland based AMA chapter learned that it was one of only a couple in the country with such a program. Their hope is to share this video with other AMA chapters across America, and help encourage them to enact similar outreach programs in their cities. Spokespeople from two non-profits are interviewed in the video: Corinna Bucholz of The ReBuilding Center, and Elizabeth Nye from the Columbia Northwest chapter of national group Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

When given the initial briefing for this project, I was told the video should evoke the spirit of Portland and "look kind of homemade". I like to call the style 'Grassroots Cinema', and went for a documentary type feel. In following this approach, I filmed the city footage handheld--no tripod for a slight bit of shakiness--and used only natural, existing light. If you work at a non-profit agency, or work to promote one through a marketing or PR firm, ask Spool about its discounted rates for qualified 501c3 organizations.

Filmed by Brian Schatz of Spool Video
Produced by Patrick Hughes, AMA Project Manager
Edited by Jay Cornelius of Green Street Pictures

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