June 24, 2010

Adventist Health

Produced by Spool Video
Director and Editor: Brian Schatz

This is a series of four videos that revolve around the newly renovated Emergency Department (ED) at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, OR. These videos were created to work in conjunction with a direct-mail campaign that guides people to a webpage for their emergency services. The hospital wanted a way to highlight the ED, and decided education was the best approach. As such, the videos are: Child Safety Tips, Heart Attacks & Prevention, Stroke Symptoms & Care, and Fall Prevention.

After learning that our ‘set’ for the day was a single hospital room, I new it would be hard work to disguise the fact as much as possible. To help make each one a bit different, colored light was projected onto the wall behind each doctor. At first I was a bit hesitant, having envisioned a more realistic look. So, the lighting started out subtle in the first ‘Fall Prevention’ video, but by the time we shot the final ‘Heart Attack’ segment, I had fully embraced the idea. The end result not only gave an interesting visual cue between interviews and voice-over footage, but added an appropriate touch of drama as well.

Fun Fact: Dr. Kelli Westcott’s patient in the child safety video is played by her very own daughter! Learn how to keep your loved ones safe and out of the emergency room by watching these prevention videos at: www.adventisthealthnw.com/ED-Videos.asp

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